Soaring Like Eagles


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Strong. Swift. Sharp. These are the characteristics of eagles, and are fitting descriptions of ASM Pacific Technology.

Indeed, ASM is a rare breed in the high-tech arena. In a business known for its highly cyclical nature, ASM has maintained consistent profitable growth for 30 consecutive years. Unlike its competitors established in the United States, Europe, and Japan, ASM is founded in Hong Kong, and continues to be rooted in Asia. Yet it has grown to be the world leader in the high-tech semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment industries: with a market capitalization exceeding US$2.8 billion, ASM is valued more than the next four competitors in the industry combined. It has also been widely praised for its management and unique corporate culture. Through its own R&D efforts, it has amassed technologies and created diversified product offerings unmatched in its industry. In a time when many companies pursue outsourcing, ASM has proved assuredly how vertical integration in design and manufacturing can work to its advantage.   

Soaring Like Eagles: ASM's High-Tech Journey in Asia is an inspiring tale of the phenomenal accomplishment of this company from the perspective of Patrick Lam, ASM's co-founder and CEO of 30 years. The book first traces its growth in three decade-long periods, along with an insider's look at the development of the semiconductor industry. It then examines ASM's success from several angles: its differentiated strategies, its leadership and culture, its innovative practices, its technologies and products, and its preparations for the future. Soaring Like Eagles is full of practical gems distilled from years of experience and careful execution of business strategies, with management lessons applicable to a wide spectrum of corporate leaders. In particular, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in managing a high-tech business, especially in an Asian context.


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